Casa del Batlle

Casa del Batlle

Arturo Sanz
Moncada, Spain
Project Year
Private Houses


Arturo Sanz as Architects

Rehabilitation as a single-family dwelling of a fragment of the "Casa del Batlle", building founded on Islamic remains by the Order of the Templars after the Reconquest of Moncada (second half of the thirteenth century). The fragment consists of a strip of 10 meters wide, two bays deep and a courtyard inside, with overlapping of different properties between ground floor and first floor.

The structure is of walls of load of tapial of 85 cm. thick, parallel to the facade, belonging to the foundational era of the building, among which we must highlight the wall behind the courtyard with remains of arches of masonry. The slab of the first wooden beams creak of large section and brick scramble belongs to an intervention of the eighteenth century. Subsequently, the central tapial wall was partially replaced by a line of pillars displaced 1 meter towards the façade, giving rise to a duplicated and confusing structure that has remained until today.

The rehabilitation is undertaken when the building had already begun and paralyzed some renovation work carried out by the previous owner, among which the execution of a new wooden beams, a 45-meter slat and a piece of mud must be reviewed.

The main projective decisions of rehabilitation are:

- Structural reinforcement in the central part of the building with metal profiles to ensure the precarious stability of this area.
- Leveling of the ground level on the ground floor with the creation of a street-house transition space at an intermediate height.
- Maintenance in view of the original tapestries and the floor of the 18th century.
- Design of the interior distribution in both plants as a succession of related spaces that revolve around the central structural pilasters.
- Use of the minimum possible materials. All the intervention gravitates on three elements: the remains of tapial, the plaster plasters painted white and the stoneware that solves the interior and exterior pavements, baseboards, steps and the wet walls in bathrooms.

The ceramic piece used is a plate of natural extruded stoneware of dimensions 27 × 6.5 × 1.3 cm. and reddish color complemented by a special piece of stepping stone of the same characteristics, manufactured by Cerámicas Calaf S.A. (Folquer road to Jorba km. 38, Calaf, Barcelona).

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