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Product • By Air-Lux Technik AGDescending window

Descending window

The vertical highlightThe new descending window extends the air-lux product portfolio with an impressive new way of opening. The complete width of the descending window can be opened and the whole window unit is lowered into the ground. The advantage over sliding units: no fixed elements needed for the window to slide in front of. Completely retractable: 100% impermeability.The new descending window also impresses with its unique air-lux pneumatic sealing system. The continuous, inflatable ring seals match the movable pane element and close the gap between the pane and the fixed components perfectly, providing guaranteed 100% impermeability against driving rain, wind and noise.Up to 25 m² window area Big is best – and this i... More

Product • By Air-Lux Technik AGSliding Windows

Sliding Windows

The horizontal highlightThanks to air lux’s patented sealing system, compromises are a thing of the past when it comes to sliding windows. air-lux guarantees 100% impermeability with the same excellent running characteristics and sliding leaf weights of up to 1800 kg. 100% impermeable, excellent running characteristicsWhen they are closed, the perimeter ring seal ensures 100 % impermeability against driving rain, wind and noise. The strong contact pressure of the seal (seal active) allows impermeability values to be achieved with sliding windows that could previously only be achieved with side-hung windows. When open (seal inactive), the seal is rolled up and the sliding window can be moved with the minimum of effort. In contrast... More

Project • By diederendirrixHousing


The Onyx residential tower is a part of the transformation of the Emmasingel quadrant in the centre of Eindhoven. diederendirrix was involved in a number of the architectural projects on the site. Besides the new Onyx residential tower development, the transformation of the urban environment also included the repurposing of the Philips Lighting premises and the newly-constructed Gaagle building. The Onyx Residential Tower is 84 metres high and has a total floor area of 13,000 m2. The building has 22 storeys with 135 apartments and a luxury penthouse on the 23rd floor. Each storey consists of 6 apartments of approximately 70 m2. These have an easterly or westerly orientation, ensuring pleasant sunlight and beautiful views. The plinth of the... More
Windows on all three floors of the home are visible from the angled interior atrium.
Architect Jason Winters of Kezlo Group says Western Window Systems’ customization options helped him achieve the home’s ultra-contemporary design objectives.

Project • By Western Window SystemsPrivate Houses

Nascent House

The Nascent House makes riverside views surreal.You could almost call The Nascent House project “surrealist architecture.” Nestled among the trees lining the eastern shore of the South River in Annapolis, Maryland, the 3,000-square-foot house takes the shape of a teardrop – three pointed stories with dramatic angles on one side, and a big, curvy bubble on the other.And throughout, it’s filled with an array of customized Western Window Systems moving glass walls and windows strategically placed to work with the architect’s vision to create a high-concept home that presents new perspectives and shifting light conditions to the residents as they move throughout the house.Architect Jason Winters of Kezlo Group and builder Brad Lundber... More

Project • By Reynaers AluminiumResidential Landscape

Flying Star Residence

his signature mountain home can trace its beginnings to a rough outline in the sparkling powder of a Big Sky Country ski run. The Flying Star residence is a well-crafted contemporary home located in Bridger Canyon, a private residential enclave just outside of Bozeman, Montana. This 4,690 sq. ft., three-bedroom dwelling presents an appealing blend of minimalist European styling, expansive window walls, and natural interior effects, such as massive timber ceiling beams.“THE PROJECT CAME TO LIFE WHEN THE CONTRACTOR AND I WERE SKIING NEAR THE PROJECT SITE; WE SKETCHED OUT AN INITIAL LAYOUT INTO THE SNOW, CREATING A VIABLE FLOOR PLAN THAT FUSED WITH THE SURROUNDING TOPOGRAPHY.” Edwin Ugorowski, AIA, LEED AP,... More
Yacht Saloon Design - Peter Mikic and Design Unlimited
Yacht Saloon Display Furniture - Peter Mikic and Design Unlimited
yacht Saloon Panelling and Furniture - Peter Mikic and Design Unlimited
Guest Bathroom - PeterMikic and Design unlimited
On Deck Jacuzzi - Peter Mikic and Design Unlimited

Project • By William Garvey LtdWaterways/Wetlands

Sail Away

Leading British furniture designer and maker, William Garvey, a recognised designer for super yacht interiors completing projects from design concept through to manufacture and installation provided the bespoke furniture for the super-yacht Avante which was completed on behalf of Struik & Hamerslag. Working closely and in association with the designers Peter Mikic & Design Unlimited, William Garvey provided a survey, working drawings and then manufactured the furniture for 7 bathrooms along with the joinery for panelling around windows in the main living quarters and air conditioning units.  Speaking on behalf of William Garvey Ltd, Managing Director Bill Garvey comments, “Current superyacht design trends give interior designer... More

Project • By Capoferri Serramenti s.p.a.Housing

Reggio Emilia Private Residence

“Archetipo Architettura” have designed this austere, modern residence. Capoferri engineered special steel hardware to support the external windows made from mahogany. The sun-breaking panels, some of which are fixed while others are hinged, are made from wooden slats fixed to a support structure in brushed stainless steel. The verticality of the slats communicates with the geometries and the lines that characterize the pure minimalism of the villa. At the same time the movement of the sun-breaking panels creates a sense of permeability which contrast the impact of theA visible stone structure – a fascinating play with contrast and materials. More

Project • By BoysPlayNiceMemorials

Durch Lookout

In the hills above Valašské Příkazy in the Zlín region in Czech Republic grew up a lookout Durch designed by architect Zdeněk Fránek. Durch is a tribute to the view of the landscape. It is meant to stimulate and realize this beauty. It also serves as a sitting for passers-by, place for a snack or a shelter in bad weather. A well with a picture of St. Francis, animal patron and nature conservationist was restored in its vicinity.Architect Zdeněk Fránek portrayed the observatory as a "minimalist wooden construction with clear details without any significant element. So to be humble, and above all, the outlook through the lookout, which frames the landscape as the most beautiful picture, was created."The family-owned firm Janošík, which produc... More

Project • By OTTOSTUMM SAPrivate Houses

Private Residence Greece

The villa, with its exclusive aesthetic, qualitative and functional features is located in the wonderful Greek landscape. Spaces and functions were the themes to which the architects paid the most attention to, with the choice of precious materials. Ottostumm steel window and door systems respect the need to combine aesthetics with technical qualities such as durability and resistance. The use of Ottostumm steel systems also favors considerable brightness in the villa’s interior spaces, that become one with the outdoor environment. More

Product • By Lamboo Technologies LLCLamboo® Glazing™

Lamboo® Glazing™

From fixed/operable windows to curtain wall/store front systems to interior/exterior doors, the Lamboo® Glazing™ Product Line provides an excellent alternative to other glazing and door systems utilizing traditional aluminum, vinyl, and natural-based building materials. Lamboo has partnered with reputable US-based window and door manufacturers that utilizes Lamboo’s laminated engineered bamboo into these applications providing high performance, warm aesthetics, and sustainable solutions per the product of choice.Ideal applications: Fixed and Operable Windows, Curtain Wall and Store Front Systems, Commercial and Residential Doors. More

Project • By ALTS DESIGN OFFICEPrivate Houses


In the surrounding is the countryside landscape, in a 53 yr old Japanese house of 80 tsubos, the young couple and their children purchased it for residence and decided to renovate. Making the new concept of living a new life in a 53 yr old Japanese house 53 years ago and continuing to the next generation, we can hope to harmonize between the good ancient things with new things and thought of a house that can interconnect the middle area. First of all, we removed the part which was expanded and renovated in the 53 years of construction, returned to the original ricefield character style, and tried to insert new elements there.The Original Japanese style room was made into a garden, and the edge side was made to be outside, adding extern... More

Project • By Cera Stribley ArchitectsResidential Landscape

Chomley II

As a reimagining of a classic Edwardian home, Chomley II represents improvement through restoration and redesign. From the street perspective, the heritage facade is preserved and fits the surrounding environment. Inside, Chomley II is transformed into a home featuring open plan design and a sunlit courtyard. More



Interior project, designed for WODIFY, a North American tech startup, combining a functional program for this company new image, values and culture, into a space that would serve the work dynamics of a technological company, and its rapid growth in Portugal. More

Project • By HULPIA architectenPrivate Houses

De Baedts

De lengthened parcel is located in Aalter´s outskirts. The main entrance faces a road with a impresive big trees line. The back side of the plot looks to the landscape and forest.The program is very simple, the clients, a couple, ask for a living, storage and a carport for two car all in the groundfloor while the principal room, buro and a guest room in the upper floor.The main concept was to close the house to the speed of the road, and open to the back where the views and privacy are. The request of a double carport was the key of the main distribution of the house. Due to the fact tha we wanted to close the house from the street, we wanted to avoid the visibility of the car from the street, try to hide them in order to not disturb the ma... More

Project • By Jonas LindvallPrivate Houses

Villa J2

This family home in southern Sweden was designed by Lindvall A & D. The project began as the revamp of an existing summerhouse dating back to the 1940s. The initial plan included additions and alterations to the existing structure. However, due to building regulations stipulating that the footprint remain unchanged, house was rebuilt entirely.Falsterbo is one of the most popular resort regions in southern Sweden, becoming densely populated over summer. Although the site sits within a residential neighbourhood, one of the criteria of the brief was to create a family home that offered privacy. This was achieved by placing the garage at the front of the house, facing the street. Visitors must follow a path that leads alongside the garage t... More