Archello houses of the month - March 2024
Iwan Baan for Selgascano Arquitectos

Archello houses of the month - March 2024

5 Apr 2024  •  News  •  By Collin Anderson

Archello has selected its houses of the month for March 2024. This list showcases 20 of the most outstanding private houses added to Archello's project library during the past month, chosen from hundreds received. To be selected, the project must have been completed in the last two years and must include both photos and drawings to provide a full picture of its design. The houses listed below are located in 16 countries including Canada, Latvia, Portugal and the USA.


Chez Léon (Canada) by Quinzhee Architecture 

photo_credit Adrien Williams
Adrien Williams


Casa Kuvo (Chile) by Stanacev Granados 

photo_credit Manu Granados
Manu Granados


House in Rua Sara Beirão (Portugal) by SIA arquitectura

photo_credit Francisco Nogueira
Francisco Nogueira


Casa Realejo (Spain) by Rubens Cortés Arquitectos

photo_credit Javier Callejas Sevilla
Javier Callejas Sevilla


Villa Myrtille (Belgium) by Ohra Studio

photo_credit Alexandre Van Battel
Alexandre Van Battel


Pāvilosta Residence (Latvia) by Open Architecture Design

photo_credit OAD; Alvis Rozenbergs
OAD; Alvis Rozenbergs


Fall River Cabin (USA) by Tall Architects

photo_credit Andrew Welch Photo
Andrew Welch Photo


Frame House (Slovenia) by OFIS arhitekti

photo_credit Tomaz Gregoric
Tomaz Gregoric


Coulson Creek Shed (Australia) by Reddog Architects

photo_credit Christopher Frederick Jones
Christopher Frederick Jones


Casa Toro (Mexico) by Estudio Carroll

photo_credit Richard Stow
Richard Stow


La Canaria house (USA) by Selgascano Arquitectos 

photo_credit Iwan Baan
Iwan Baan


Courtyard House Guapuruvu (Brazil) by Estudio Piloti Arquitetura 

photo_credit Pedro Kok
Pedro Kok


Casa Mendoza (Argentina) by Le Base Studio

photo_credit Cristóbal Palma
Cristóbal Palma


tini® Montseny (Spain) by tini

photo_credit Paco Marín
Paco Marín


Entre Tecas House (Costa Rica) by Aarcano Arquitectura

photo_credit Andrés García Lachner
Andrés García Lachner


Lake Tahoe | Cabins (USA) by RO | ROCKETT DESIGN

photo_credit ADAM ROUSE


The Modern Pastoral House (India) by Sudaiva Studio

photo_credit Shamanth Patil J
Shamanth Patil J


Rojika (South Korea) by Archirie

photo_credit Cheon youngtaek
Cheon youngtaek


Symington Laneway House (Canada) by Lanescape Architecture + Construction

photo_credit Ron Adriano
Ron Adriano


House in Silves (Portugal) by BOMO Arquitectos

photo_credit do mal o menos
do mal o menos