Corevstone Pietra

by Corev



Corevstone Pietra

Product description

  • Low maintenance
  • High durability
  • Natural stone finish

Polychromatic coating made of a combination of grains of quartz terrazzo, sand and multicolored flakes; acrylic water-based high-performance environments for decorating facades. Uses: Ideal for facades with prefabricated building systems (Precor, Durock, Plycem, Estrey), concrete and cement flattened, previously treated. Applications: · Hotels · Residences Advantages:, alkali resistant flexible Decorative.

Benefits: Low maintenance, high durability, natural stone finish. Application:

1. Clean and seal the surface with 1000 or 3x1 Sottofondo. 2. cracks and imperfections with spackling or MASCOREV Coverplast XT. 3. Anchoring with SOTTOPAINT the dominant color of the finish. 4. Apply COREVSTONE PIETRA with stainless steel trowel. Let it aerate and iron.

Colors: 12


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