Absolute Systems

by Coulisse B.V.
  • For all window sizes, 1,2 x 2 mtr to 4 x 4 mtr
  • Modular concept: From basic to full option with a minimum number of components
  • Different finishes and colors
  • Endless configuration options including Double roller, Day & Night, Fascia and Soft Venetian
  • Easy assembly, installation and operation



Product Name
Absolute Systems
Coulisse B.V.
Coulisse B.V.

Product Type

Blinds, sunblinds and films

Product Specs

Metal, Aluminium, Steel
Plastic, ABS


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Our aesthetic systems offer the possibility to create the perfect solution for any window covering situation. Our systems are designed to create comfortable, convenient and safe spaces that are perfectly adapted to the way we want to live. The hardware is of sleek design and available in colors to match the collection. With the different options we offer, blinds can either perfectly blend in with the architecture or stand out in the space.

Imagine an indoor world full of light and peace. A place of safety, well-being and comfort. That is good for you and the world arround you. Offering privacy and a pleasant climate. That pleases the senses at every time of the day. A personal space full of energy and life. Built on clean, smooth design. On simplicity, easiness and friendliness. On a modular world of window coverings.


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