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All About Beams and Columns

A building is not just about stunning design and exclusive amenities. Safety and security are the core requirements of any perfectly built arrangement. Any outer beautification is a wasted effort if the inner body is weak. Poor design is an extremely dangerous scenario also. So structural integrity must be the first factor one should consider while planning the design of any building regardless of the size, shape, and design considerations. This is exactly where the importance of beams and columns comes into play.

You might question why should one give beams and columns so much importance? Any building or construction has a tremendous weight that needs to be in a stabilized condition at all times. The risk of the structure falling apart is maximized if there is no support holding it together. Beams and Columns are the load bearing foundation structures of any construction. Though both columns and Beams are similar in appearance and are made of the same construction material, these serve two different purposes.

Columns are the structures that connect the footings of the buildings. These carry a comprehensive load. These are vertical in construction so their primary role is to support the beams on the floor and the roof. Regarded as the most crucial building structures, these generally bear the weight of the slab and maintain the correct positioning of the beams. By creating a resistance against the eccentric and axial load these provide the accurate resistance required to prevent bending of beams.

Beams are the horizontal structure that connects the columns. This creates a balanced outer framework for the building. The beams are the primary load bearer of the slabs. These are the supporting base for the floors. These maintain their stability by transferring the load to the endpoints where the Columns lie as Columns are the supporting structures. Constructions are always planned with a sufficiently large load-bearing base footing. To maintain the integrity of the structure and uniform load distribution, the maximum weight bared by the columns and beams are transferred to these footings built under every column.

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