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All about Roof Slates

The role of slate as a roofing material is often overlooked due to unawareness about its true value and capabilities. Slate roofing is available in innumerable styles ranging from graduated and textural options to mixed patterns and colors. Among the different choices, random width style is highly favored as a roofing solution, along with standard pattern styles.

In addition to being available in different styles, roof slates vary in texture including rustic, rough uniform and smooth. Variety can also be experienced in terms of colors such as black, grey, red, purple, green, and many more vibrant as well as muted colors. 

Slate is fundamentally a type of homogeneous metamorphic rock. With millions of years of age, this roofing material is extremely durable and can survive many years. Little to nothing needs to be done in terms of maintenance for roof slates. It is critical to note that premature aging may become an issue when paint or sealant is applied on top of slate roof.

There is no better way to increase the resale value of a residential building than installing a slate roof. Naturally beautiful and durable, roof slates improve the value of a home in an unprecedented way. The elegance of slate as a roofing material is a widely accepted fact, enhancing the architectural style of a building.

The natural ability of slate to withstand fire makes it a roofing material in high demand. In addition to being highly fire-resistant, a slate roof also has excellent mold resistant properties. Because of its low water absorption capability, this roofing material demonstrates high resistance to breakage and frost related damage.

The fact that slate is a 100% natural stone with a naturally cleft surface makes it one of the best options to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a residential building. Environmental friendliness is another important quality that makes roof slates highly popular as they can be recycled after use. Due to their high sustainability factor, roof slates have become an integral part of green building industry and movement. It is also important to note that the manufacturing process of this roof type does not involve the release of any volatile organic compounds or other types of polluting agent.

As a natural roofing material, slate roofs offer excellent insulating properties. This benefit results in reduced energy expenses, which, in turn translate into high savings for the building inhabitants in the long run. Roof slates are certainly one of the most flexible and dynamic roofing materials available today.

Several factors contribute toward the ever rising popularity of slate roof. The most prominent aspects are high durability, curb appeal, energy efficiency, sustainability, flexibility and low maintenance. These benefits make it is easy to understand why this roofing material stands out among other options.


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