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All about Timber Structures

Timber structures offer unlimited benefits when used for constructing beams, columns, roof structures, joints and connection systems. Primarily, wood is a naturally appealing building material that creates an inimitable visual appeal, look and feel. Extremely versatile, timber framed structures are highly durable with excellent sustainable properties.

Exclusivity and uniqueness can be associated with every piece of timber. A wooden building is good for health and well-being. Various research studies show that wood framed buildings offer measurable psychological and physiological benefits. Timber is also a popular choice due to its sustainability benefits. Along with durability, heavy timber structures are biodegradable and completely renewable. The carbon footprint stays at minimal levels when timber structures are used. All these benefits make timber structures an integral part of green building industry.

There are several different types of timber that can be utilized in timber structures. The most popular choices available are European Larch, Oak, Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, Pine Spruce, Sweet Chestnut and many more. Each type has its own structural properties and visual features.  

Renowned for its strength, timber framed structures can also be erected easily and rapidly. Another benefit of using a wood structure is precise alignments as a building material. Frames with structurally insulated panels stand tall in terms of efficiency and strength when compared to other materials like fiberglass.

Wooden building comprises of only a limited number of load bearing walls, resulting in improved design flexibility. This situation allows the process of altering floor plans to be realized in an  uncomplicated way. As timber structures maintain larger spaces between the frames, better flexibility is ensured in placing and relocating windows and doors. Architects need not feel concerned about negative structural implications when timber structures are used. 

Highly resistant and durable to inclement weather conditions, thermally modified wooden building does not allow moisture to make surfaces a breeding space for mold or mildew. The air pockets within the cellular structure make wood a natural insulator that stays miles ahead of concrete and metal. This aspect makes cost of heating and cooling highly affordable. In addition to offering excellent energy efficiency, timber framed structures are consistently the most affordable solution available today. Less wood is utilized in a timber frame compared to a stud-wall structure. All these factors contribute to the cost effectiveness of timber framed structures. 

The natural visual appeal of timber structures is unquestionable. They add a touch of elegance to any type of building and do not need any special preservative treatment to achieve supreme resistance to rot and corrosion. Flexibility is also a very vital aspect of a timber frame structure as it can be clad in any external material with ease. Another benefit of a wooden building is reduced transportation costs due its lightweight nature.


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