2x1 House
Cristobal Vial Decombe

2x1 House

Cristobal Vial Arquitectos as Architects

This work corresponds to a holiday home, located in the Colico Lake, Araucania region. 


It corresponds to a work born from a pre-existence. Construction made of wood, which over the years was sold and there is an opportunity to reuse it, recycling part of its structure, to transform it into two terraced houses. 


It started from the base of not altering its structure and surface, maintaining the levels of existing envelopes and conserving its interior m2. As a strategy and due to the steepness of its roof, the surface area of ​​m3 on the third floor was increased, thus allowing maximum use of the lost spaces of this level. 


There are conflicting accesses to give independence and privacy to both homes, accessing them through the intermediate level. On this level, the common spaces are projected, such as living, dining room, kitchen and individual terraces that are projected to the landscape and the distant views of the lake. On the upper level are the main and secondary bedrooms. Finally, on the lower level a play room and another bedroom for children are shared. 


The houses open towards the lake, their opposing terraces give independence to each of them and to the rear there is a patio that is bounded by the natural slope of the land. 


The entire construction is structured in Oregon wood, as well as its openings. The enclosures of the houses are executed in fibercement and glass sheathing with aluminum profiles for openings. The terraces and railings etán built in impregnating wood. As mentioned earlier, there are some materials that were recycled, such as doors, beams and pillars that were part of the previous structure of the house.

Material Used :

1. Fibrocement tufted facde PIZARREÑO
2. National Oregon Wood Structure,
3. Asphalt Tile Top Shingle, CELTIC
4. Coihue wood pavement
5. Tongue and Groove wood interior cladding, ARAUCO
6. Wooden deck impregnated, ARAUCO

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Product Spec Sheet

Tongue and Groove wood interior cladding, Wooden deck impregnatedARAUCO
Fibrocement tufted facdePizarreno
Product Spec Sheet
Tongue and Groove wood interior cladding, Wooden deck impregnated
Fibrocement tufted facde
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