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MDBA as Architects

The increased activity around the coast is necessary that alongside traditional boardwalks and coastal beaches, have to sort the urban centers, to permit their use and enjoyment and encourage commercial activity. The Place San Jose, is the center of Alcossebre. It is the place where people meet and cite where more clearly recognize its urban identity.

The proposed management attempts to resolve the contradictions that occur between urban functions to be supported (especially those related to traffic and parking of wheeled vehicles) and stay condition space, rest and leisure business.

The combination of these objectives, basically contradictory resolves giving priority to pedestrians in the use of space and subjecting the car to precautionary restrictions in areas where this is possible without impairing the functional organization of the space as a whole.

It creates a place that, in addition to their primal functions, it becomes a beautiful and flexible platform able to support a differentiated offering of events organized and spontaneous use.

This arrangement arises from a number of parts and elements:

1. Soil type suitable for square and pedestrian streets. 2. Compatibility between different traffics. 3. The multifunctional building as a center of cultural and administrative activity. 4. The management and design of the terraces of restoration, which is considered essential to maintain and enhance. 5. The program of events.

The streets pass to be a road, a street of town. But they should not lose the opportunity to change and provide environmental and urban quality to its inhabitants. The streets, today traveled by vehicles are transformed by two key elements, trees and paving.

Floor: A limestone ongoing support, giving unity to the whole of the square and adjacent streets, a medium that allows use both foot traffic on cue.

Woody: We propose the use of palm, Phoenix dactylifera, as large tree Mediterranean identity and symbol of welcome.

Lighting: luminaires were installed specially designed for Alcossebre. Furniture: Stone benches and establish an identity for a homogeneous character of the series of terraces to locate on the streets.

The multifunctional building is conceived as structuring element and space that is generated by eliminating the currently existing building on the plaza so that the building is based on the existing dividing the square overturns, releasing as much free space as possible to public use. The building, which is involved in the activities and character of the place.

PROGRAM USES multifunctional building

In towns as Alcossebre, young people often find it difficult to promote and develop dynamic computer clubs, such as those formed in conurbations. Whether for recreational, educational purposes or relationship, the Department should encourage and facilitate youth associations in this area.

The Jove area should serve as venue for these associations and should provide the space and equipment necessary for its operation.

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