Alibaba Office Building

Alibaba Office Building

Saraiva + Associados
Shenzhen, China
Project Year

Conceptual Proposal of Alibaba’s Branch Building

Saraiva + Associados as Architects

Imagine a live and communicative organism, capable of responding to external stimulations in an intelligent and adequate manner.

The essence found in this project was the result of an international competition hosted in July, 2011 – Conceptual Proposal of Alibaba’s Branch Building Project in Shenzhen.

The clustered volumes were the effect of an inspirational concept, the hidden qualities of pebbles – solid, organic and dynamic – an input into the built environment. By applying these features to the conception of form and space, the building reflects the corporate energy present in its promoter – velocity and plasticity.

Sitting in a privileged location by the Shenzhen Bay, the building hosts office and commercial spaces. It has an open face towards the direction of the waterfront accentuating the magnificent coastal view by the F1 Boat racing field – highlight point to attract clients and visitors, promoting a good business and commercial atmosphere that seeks for public welfare.

Moreover, the need for the reconnection of the shoreline with the urban landscape worked as the framework of this urban-garden office. The building is planned to provide optimal working conditions: wide and bright open floor plans by imposing a modular conception, which guarantees the necessary flexibility to the different services and entities, and permit an easy adaptability to future needs.

The direct interaction between the interior of the building and the environment happens in the envelope. Introducing a double skin façade, this project reduces energy consumption and maintains comfortable climates within the building throughout the year by regulating this exchange of temperatures according to bioclimatic principles with the application of an all-in-one system that provides sun shading, ventilation and reflection control.

The project reflects the creation of an “Intelligent Building” due to its ability to adapt and respond to daily usage, maintenance and management requirements.

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Product Spec Sheet
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