ANOHA - The Children’s World of the Jewish Museum

ANOHA - The Children’s World of the Jewish Museum

Olson Kundig

Architekturbüro Engelbrecht
Berlin, Germany | View Map
Project Year
Hufton & Crow

ANOHA - The Children’s World of the Jewish Museum

Olson Kundig as Architects

Through the imaginative exhibits within ANOHA—The Children’s World of the Jewish Museum Berlin, the museum gives their youngest guests a sense of hope and possibility. Located within an existing former flower market hall, the heart of ANOHA is a circular wooden ark, standing almost 23 feet (7 meters) tall with a 92-foot (28-meter) base diameter. The curvilinear ark complements the curved ribs of the Brutalist light scoops overhead, while the shift in materiality from concrete to wood offers a softening counterpoint to the existing space.


ANOHA is populated by more than 150 sculptural animals, each created from found objects by a team of 18 Berlin artists. This approach encourages children to consider the importance of recycling and adaptive re-use, while supporting ANOHA’s core philosophy of creativity and imagination. The tactile nature of these sculptural objects and the sense of playful discovery as children recognize the familiar materials used to make them further serve to highlight the importance of respecting, treasuring and conserving global resources. Interactive exhibits placed along an intuitive visitor pathway teach children how to solve problems independently and as a group, while explorative spaces modeled after unique habitats allow children to experience the diverse perspectives of the various animals.


Sustainable strategies are embedded in the architectural design as an integral part of the user experience. Extensive mechanical systems are eliminated thanks to the environmental buffer of the existing hall, significantly lowering energy loads. Ceiling fans and operable windows in the ark allow for air exchange and natural ventilation. The hall’s curved concrete roof forms draw daylight into the interior. The ark’s windows support this passive daylighting approach, while visually connecting ANOHA with the existing structure of the hall.


“From the early days of the design competition, we were inspired by the Jewish Museum Berlin’s brief that the expansion would be inclusive of children and families from all beliefs and backgrounds.  ANOHA merges historic and modern architecture to express a vision for the future deliberately informed by sustainability and equity.” – Alan Maskin, Design Principal


Material Used :
1. Ark structure / walls - Spruce wood
2. Animal sculptures – Fabricated from found and recycled objects, many designed by Olson Kundig
3. Custom interior exhibits / animal habitats
4. Custom stair and rail system

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