Apartment in Ilion

Apartment in Ilion

Athens, Greece
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Apartment in Ilion


This 115 sq. m. three-bedroom apartment is located in a corner plot in the suburb of Ilion near the centre of Athens, Greece. The basic concept of the project consisted of designing a new separate apartment as an addition to an existing 1990’s single-storey house to accommodate a new family with two children.

The existing house dictated the layout of the addition and in a way its façade since the architects had to integrate both the old structure and the new one in a single entity. These elements did not function as limitations, but instead, propelled the design towards an unpredictable transformation of the available area. Formal, spatial and material experimentations became a fertile scope for the architects.

The clients, having a modern vision and aesthetics, have shown great enlightenment by giving the architects the necessary space to test their creative mettle. Their expectations were fully met and a contemporary, comfortable and safe for them and their children space was created.

The simplicity of the plan and the elementary forms create a harmonious result. Yet, the intention of the architectural team was not merely minimalistic. The main goal of the design was to move towards imbuing space with a modest sense of clarity and harmony since the initial aim for the clients was for a place of shelter and mental stimulation to be created.

The kitchen, dining room and living area all unfold in a single volume, not only to save space, but also to create a sense that everything flows together naturally without coercion.

A corridor containing a built-in oak wardrobe leads to the bedrooms. The entrance area of the house placed in front of the corridor, also, serves as a separation buffer for the more private areas of the house.

The project involved the detailed design of each space and each fixed furniture of the apartment by the architects, thus allowing them to freely unfold their creativity; the suspended shelves made from plasterboard on either side of the fireplace, the kitchen cabinets, the children’s beds; they were all custom-designed and custom-made. Additional decoration was kept to a minimum reducing the potential for visual clutter within the main area. Order and symmetry govern every item in this house endowing it with a distinctive sense of permanence.

White is the dominant color in all areas and the neutrality of this continuous, uniform setting is interrupted by only a few carefully selected pieces. The bright luminosity of the sun is always a design factor in Greece and the openings were devised so that natural light pours unobstructed into the house becoming the basic unifying element in the project. Special attention was also given, at the design of the artificial lighting of the apartment. Streaks of light accentuate specific objects and dimmable led lighting is used at the same time to forge a versatile environment, both for everyday life and special occasions.

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