Apartment in tenement house in centrumof Poznań

Apartment in tenement house in centrumof Poznań

MO Architekci
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MO Architekci

Apartment in tenement house in centrum of Poznań

MO Architekci as Architects

The spacious apartment is located in the center of Poznań in one of the tenements near the Old Market Square. The interior was initially supposed to be modern, but due to the location of the two-story apartment, the context of history, architecture and surroundings was equally important for architects, which is reflected in the style and character of the interior. ,, When developing the project location and history connected with investment is important to us and natural factors for example, natural light.


These factors combined with Investor needs analysis allows you to always fully exploit the potential of a given place“. Walking through the interior we feel the interpenetration of two styles - the use of modern, bright timeless colors, simple solids combined with classic elements in the form of stucco, stylized furniture or a hand-woven silk rug. The interior of the apartment has been functionally divided into two zones, day zone and private zone in the attic.


The focal point in the living space is the dining room open to the kitchen. The natural range of colors in the kitchen - combination of white, wood and stone structure complements the dining room space. Behind the smooth high fronts is additionally hidden a small storage room. The interior of the dining room itself is the heart of the house where the whole family meets during daily meals and celebrations. In this space, we managed to freely create a place to work, and also place to rest with your favorite literature.


On the opposite side of the dining room, from the side of the tenement house away from the hustle and bustle of the main streets of the city is located salon which is a place of relaxation. Modern style has been enriched by stylized furniture and accessories. A connector between two spaces is a small entrance hall to the apartment. To the private space in the attic leads a minimalist staircase which is the dominant accent in the dining room. Interiors in the attic refer in character to the other rooms in the apartment, there are three bedrooms here also.

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