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In a context of an activity zone, the architects wished to give a clear identity to the building housing the companies, Alkar Méditérranée and Souchon Constructions. The building is marked by a nesting game of different volumes. The red tint of the facades of the main volume, that of the workshops, is filtered by a grey metal mesh. This screen, in which we would have removed pixels, is crossed by two "boxes", representing the administrative spaces of the two units.

At dusk, these boxes become bright and come alive due to their large windows. Composed of two units, the functional symmetry of the building is broken on the outside by the random, that is represented by this pixelated mesh and the different altimetry from the two boxes of offices. Inside, the industrial spirit is emphasised by an appearance of the frame, ventilation ducts, treated concrete floor, and the absence of false ceilings. The pixelation is retrieved by the random implantation of suspended panels with acoustic properties.

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Menuiseries extérieuresAlkar Aluminium
Couverture/CharpenteAlkar Méditérranée
Product Spec Sheet
Menuiseries extérieures
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