Bakery Opera

Bakery Opera

Project Year

Opera bakery, Hadera

Marina Rechter as Interior Architects

The owners of the "Three Bakers" brand, which exists for many years, asked us to design their first bakery. A boutique bakery on the main street in Hadera.

The goal of the project was to provide a platform for the brand's products that would emphasize their uniqueness and quality. The idea was to create a combination of old and new, of something simple and familiar facing something new and unique.

The architectural expression is reflected already in the space outside of the bakery with a window which displays accurate dose products that aim to stimulate curiosity among passers-by and and invite them in. When entering the interior, an airy display space is spread out in front of the eyes, and the wide range of products is visible. In addition, a large Belgian window that separates the kitchen from the sales area enables to watch the bakers in action.

In the center of the space - a large island, which creates a focal point of interest. A large column, which at first was a design obstacle, was integrated into the planning and seems to be an integral part of it. The golden and dominant grid ceiling, which hangs in the center of the space, creates depth and interest in height and creates peace around the ceilingt area and blurs the different heights beams.

The bakery was designed with clean lines, with classic touches. Classic style carpentry combined with modern elements create a combination of new and old.

Classic style carpentry combined with modern elements create a combination of new and old. The scrubbed tiles (as if they were always here), delicate colors of blue and turquoise, golden tints in the ceiling and in the lighting, engendered a romantic atmosphere as the concrete-like walls balance it. The outdoor space completes the inviting atmosphere.


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