Bento Box micro housing

Bento Box micro housing

Heim Balp Architekten
Berlin, Germany | View Map
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Nick Hash

Bento Box Residential Micro housing

Heim Balp Architekten as Architects

Minimal. Modular. Convenient:‘Bento.’

Owning a genesis in the traditional Japanese dining phenomenon, the Bento Box

radically rearranges itself in an adaptive fashion. Occupying only 27qm, the compartmentalized room houses kitchen and bathroom facilities, all while leaving extra room for storage. The box frees space between itself and the ceiling, and in turn illuminates the room in a gentle light. Reflecting a flexible design philopshy, each of the box’s modules can be folded out, and arranged as needed arround the room.

An oppurtunist at heart, the container has been boxed into 45 bare residencies, effortlessly and efficiently furnshing each of the mid-stay units.

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