BJK No:1903

BJK No:1903

Istanbul, Turkey
Project Year

With the Spirit of a Century Old Football Club: BJK No1903

Elips Tasarim Mimarlik as Interior Architects

BJK No1903 designed by an Istanbul based Elips Design & Architecture with an architectural approach reflecting the spirit of BJK Football Club. Awarded as “Best International Mixed Use Project” at 2018 International Property Awards the building provides a high quality facility for public use.

BJK No1903 project, award-winning mixed use project of Elips Design & Architecture, is located in Istanbul, Akatlar. Architects started to work for the project with the aim of providing a high quality facility which will reflect the spirit of long-standing BJK Football Club founded in 1903 and be open to public use. Design and project planning phases done according to the needs of building program which has 4600 m² open area and 3600 m² closed area.

Elips Design & Architecture underlined that the architectural identity of the building was the guide on the way of creating spaces according to needs programme. The team aimed to provide maximum volume and daylight usage while creating modern spaces with asymmetric and different angles.

Elips Design & Architecture created different spatial details by using various materials such as marble, parquet, tile, epoxy, ceramic, mirror, wood, brass, wallpaper, fabric covering, acoustic panels, stainless, glass in the interior. They designed every corner of the facility in a different way and has produced solutions meticulously to prevent the disturbing effect of all technical details and equipments on the aesthetics of space.

Both exterior and interior spaces of the building has the mutual language to provide an integrated living space for the user. All details, from the fireplace frame to the lightings, from wire flower objects to benches, from the main entrance to the wall coverings, are designed individually. The paintings on the walls were painted by a painter in the way that reflects the identity of the space.

Besides from the main entrance and reception, Casual Restaurant which has a large terrace with a children's play area facing the front façade, The Eagle House lounge area which is designed for the BJK congress members and managers with a terrace facing to the back façade, the main kitchen, warehouses and customer and staff wet volumes are located on the ground floor of the building. Although each space designed independently with different materials, Elips Design & Architecture has succeeded providing the mutual design approach in the general principle of design.

BOLD Restaurant, which has a total area of 790 m² on the first floor, differs from the ground floor with its different atmosphere that includes a large bar corner, a fireplace section with comfortable leather chairs, wooden and marble tables. Master Architect Feza Koca sums up this special place with the following words: "The high ceiling and glass facades of the place gives freshness to the space. In contrast to the marble and mirror veneers used on the walls, we have provided an acoustic solution while providing a warm and moving effect with the wooden and acoustic panels in the form of circles under the metal honeycombs that we used in the ceiling. The Blackhall Hall which is designed to serve special meetings and events can be combined with the Bold Restaurant with the movable walls in the hall and it enables a bigger space for the organization of other big events. The meeting area called Mr. President is designed as a special area with meeting room, service, WC and cloakroom which is open to the use of the chairman and the board members. It was our primary goal to provide a good acoustics in this meeting room. The wood veneers used in some parts of the wall covered with acoustic panels support this goal. Black acoustic ceiling is designed with the design of lacquered wood inspired from the way the camera visor opens. The meeting table and seats were brought from the BJK Football Club because the important agreements were signed on this table and it has a spiritual value.”

Gym Club on the first basement floor which has a total 1100 m² area includes the fitness area, spinning and pilates studio with sauna, steam room, relaxation and massage rooms, indoor pool, outdoor pool and children's pool. The fitness section facing the front façade has a terrace which has camouflaged the retaining wall by landscape design formed at different angles on the terrace.

Elips Design & Architecture has followed the same design approach and the material catalogue which they used by taking their inspiration from the colors of BJK Football Club for the design of the main entrance gate and security building like the main building and for the landscape design, creating a large and simple grass field was considered as the main idea. The 4600 m² outdoor area is planned to be used for different purposes such as wedding, celebration and open-air cinema. There are 2 entrances, 2 security buildings and a car park with a capacity of 60 vehicles.


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