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Juliusz Sokołowski / JEMS Architects


JEMS Architekci as Architects

The JEMS Architects design office is the author of several neighboring investments at Bobrowiecka Street. The implementation had the overarching goal - to create a coherent design thought for a 200-meter passage and revive its eastern frontage.


The new residential building is an element of a consistently implemented urban assumption, whose goal was to create a coherent design thought for this part of Warsaw. He co-creates the frontage of Bobrowiecka Street, tidying up the several hundred-meter-long passage with the neighboring buildings. An important task was not only the design of the building itself, but also the introduction of services or greenery and small architecture, thanks to which it was possible to create an urban space with high ethical values.


A characteristic element on the existing plot was a monumental tree - black alder, whose location largely defined the shape of the building.


The draft development plan envisages the creation of two internal courtyards connected by gate passages. The first, closer to Bobrowiecka Street, will have the character of a square with elements of small architecture, pavements and greenery. The second square was created by the protection zone of the natural monument, Black Alder. Due to the conditions, no construction work can be carried out in a 15m radius around the protected tree.


The shape of the building allowed the separation of two internal squares. The first, closer to Bobrowiecka Street is a separate internal courtyard, connected to the street by a gate. We reach the second, green courtyard through another gate, which is a link between two squares, or directly from the south side of the plot.


The characteristic elements of the housing complex are three gate passages, which will connect Bobrowiecka Street with the extended Polkowska Street, leading at the same time to two internal courtyards.


When designing the facade, we tried to refer to the architectural rhythm of the existing office building. In order to maintain a homogeneous character, the façade has been completely finished with plaster, with identical window openings in two sizes. The raw appearance of the housing softens the layout of the loggia. The facade of the existing office building consists of two overlapping three-dimensional grids, forming a kind of lattice with vertical windows with slender proportions.

Material Used :

1. PROBET-DASAG sp. zo.o. – floor tiles

2. ALUPROF SA – Facade Systems

3. URZĘDOWSKI – wooden windows

4. OGRODOWNIA sp. zo.o. - greenery

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Project Credits
Product Spec Sheet

Facade SystemsAluprof S.A.
GreeneryOGRODOWNIA sp. z o.o.
Floor tilesPROBET-DASAG sp. zo.o.
Wooden windowsURZEDOWSKI
Product Spec Sheet
Facade Systems
Floor tiles
Wooden windows
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