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BR Headquarters
daniele pavesi

BR Headquarters

tIPS ARCHITECTS as Architects

The project insists on a building area included in an production sector; a productive island surrounded in the vastness of intensive agricultural crops.


The relationship between the technical landscape and the rural one is in most contemporary examples contrasting and conflicting; mostly the result of a prefabricated structural footprint of infinitely repeatable containers.


We refused this practice from the first design approach, concentrating instead on the idea that the landscape is one, the elements that build it are multiple and above all the production activity must contribute to enhancing the economic, social and environmental resources of a territory, as if it were part of the same ecosystem.


The challenge was therefore to create a close relationship between the landscape and the newly built with its three different functions: the cold storage, the production lab and the offices.


For this reason the project is articulated through a succession of very clean volumes, cut out and subtracted from each other to create a dialogue with the agricultural context.


The layout and the sequence of the work spaces are the result of a careful analysis of the flows designed in order to make the plant efficient also in relation to carrying out the various activities in complete safety.


The building has a precast concrete structural frame.

The shell is different according to the the volumes' intended use.

Both the storage and the production spaces are closed by sandwich panels, consisting of two sheets of pre-painted metal with high density polyurethane foam interposed between them.


The envelope of the offices building is a dry wall package consisting of a sequence of fiber cement, gypsum fiber and plasterboard with an insulating layer of mineral wood interposed with the aim of ensuring lightness and adaptability to the precast concrete structure, comfort and energy containment.


The second skin is anthracite-colored metal corrugated sheet.

The differents volumes define clear shadows, the vertical sequence vibrates with the light, the wide windows refletc the landscape and ampilfy it inside. 

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ElementBrandProduct name
OND-ALL 33 (Metal Facade)Alubel
Rail (Interior Light)EGOLUCE
Product Spec Sheet
OND-ALL 33 (Metal Facade)
Rail (Interior Light)
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Israel - Build completed in 2020
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