Abbink X De Haas architectures as Architects

The plan is organized into two rows parallel to the water, each consisting of three housing blocks. The blocks are repeated along the rows in the tradition of the Western Garden Cities. Along the Wolbrantskerkweg, these are broad and low. The houses are mirrored to an indoor parking space with private gardens on top. On the waterside family houses with private gardens form the base of blocks which are made taller and more slender, to give each house a view to the water. Apartments with a roof terrace form the top stories of these blocks. Between these slender blocks, public space is created towards the waterside.

The site forms a connection between two neighbouring parks. Therefore the park is allowed to continue into the public area in between housing blocks. The transition from public to private is solved for each specific situation. The lower block receives a white stucco façade, with large wooden window frames. The slender blocks are clad in zinc lozenges, with large wooden window frames and a timber veranda.

Cadiz Osdorp

Hans van Rijnberk Photography as Photographers

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