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Located in the resort area of Faraya, Lebanon, Chabroux represents a new typology for the chalet. Responding to the dramatic views and rugged landscape, the chalets emerge from the natural landscape as if they were eroded over time. Their crystalline volumetric detach themselves from the backdrop while opening up to the dramatic views. Our proposed project is a reaction to the rugged landscape and rocky site and to the dramatic contrast of the site in summer and winter. In summer and fall, the volumes stand in direct contrast to the vegetation around them, like crystals protruding from the earth. In winter, however, this contrast with the snow is more subtle, until the evening, when the crystalline volumes are lit from within, and become lanterns sitting on the landscape.

Our goal was to maximize individuality for each chalet, while maintaining a coherent whole. While we intentionally wished to demarcate our design from the surrounding developments, we wished to emphasize the sense of identity for each chalet owner. No two are alike, and no floor plans are the same.

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Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art
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Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art

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Oslo, Norway - Build completed in 2012
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