Cuprum Apartment

Cuprum Apartment

Warsaw, Poland

Cuprum Apartment

KANDO ARCHITECTS as Interior Architects

Location: Warsaw, Poland Housing estate: Zora Wilanów Area: 127 m²

Wilanów is one of the most popular and modern districts of Warsaw, where the apartment is located. Our clients were very demanding and knew exactly what they were looking for, but none of the viewed investments met their requirements. Therefore, even before making the final decision, they asked us for help in finding the right accommodation that would meet all their criteria. Fortunately, we were able to find the apartment that we were all enchanted.

Despite the perfect location and area, we had to make significant changes in the form of shifting walls to completely change the functional layout of the apartment. Our clients were interested in the open space linking the living room to the kitchen, which the original plan did not anticipate. Therefore, we have decided to transfer and enlarge the kitchen to be the heart of the apartment. We designed a kitchen island, centrally located in the room, which was supported on a granite slab to give the entire form of lightness. The kitchen was finished with black sintered plates, enriched with copper accents in the form of a cooking battery and recessed shelve.The daily space completes fixed shelving unit that fills the whole wall. On this element of the house our customers cared most because it was to present a large collection of books, souvenirs form all trips and other important decorations. We decided to design a steel, delicate construction based on thin tubes that didn't overwhelm the interior with its size. The wall has been enriched by grey, stone plates, which even further the steel structure.

When planning the functional layout of the apartment, we also had to designate a private area that was to be a one space connecting the master bedroom with the bathroom. We have introduced a delicate division into sliding doors, which gave a subtle division. The wall behind the bed was lined with copper panels that were specially tucked in, which gave it an interesting 3d-effect.

In this project we used specially selected materials such as copper, steel, various types of stones and wood, which gave the apartment a dignified and sophisticated character.

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