Design a Beautiful House

Design a Beautiful House

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Design a Beautiful House International Design Competition

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Key Concepts: 1. To integrate the house into existing landscape minimizing modifications of the current terrain. 2. To provide a complex solution, taking into account current environment. 3. To revealthe most appealing aspects of the natural landscape, ensuring clear external and internal visual perception. 4. To blend Victorianaesthetics with concepts of modern architecture. 5. To create comfortable living conditions according to contest requirements.

Compositionally the house consists of three main units:

1st unit is designed as a recreation area with a kitchen, joined with a dining room and a fireplace living room. 2ndcentral unit incorporating a hall and an office (downstairs) and family room, library (upstairs). The library is linked to the first unit room via visual patterns and design theme. 3rd sleeping unit comprising bedrooms of various sizes.

All units are joined with light-toned staircases where interior gardens can be installed. The project proposes construction of a tea-house on the existing lake island; rowboat will take people to the island.

Materials employed:

It is proposed to use old breaks (used) for load-bearing and cladding structures. Old breaks may come from the existing edifice as well as from other old and/or ruined houses. Intermediate slabs will be made of the locally common materials and roofing will be made of galvanized iron.

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House in Oyamadai
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House in Oyamadai

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Tokyo, Japan - Build completed in 2015
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