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Ekimetrics has implanted its new headquarters on the Champs Elysees. Located on the first floor of a classic Haussman building, the new location is a combination of ancient pageantry loaded with historical significance on the Champs Elysees side, along with a more traditional compartmentalized offices on the Rue Balzac section.

The challenge of the project was to find this heterogeneous 1000m2 space, carrying an image that is both consistent and corresponding to the identity of Ekimetrics : mathematical in its expertise in marketing (media, big data ... ) as well as young, dynamic and artistic. At the back end, on both sides of the patio, 2 large open spaces host a large number of workstations.

Yet, in order to maintain some privacy, the open spaces are connected and/or punctuated by various more informal areas such as informal conference rooms: Eki.Cube as well as convivial/social spaces: Eki.Table and Eki.Truck.

On the front end, in a more protected environment, some of the larger offices are found. Within this section, other lighter constructions have been embedded such as the Eki.Gallery and Eki.Cabin to provide zones of exchange and of support of the arts.

Materials like cement for the floors coupled with raw wood and batipin for the lighter constructions were deliberately chosen to contrast with the original setting while not distorting it. Eki.Cube : measuring 4x4x4m reunites two superimposed meeting rooms. On each of the added sides of the cube one are cut, bent and reinforced pans. Integrating various elements including a staircase, lockers, a main entrance point and a slide.

Eki.Cabin : established in the main meeting hall, it contains a side office space for two people and opens to the great room transformed into a the main meeting room. 24 wooden modules in the shape of boxes, placed in the recess of the cabin, can be mounted into different shapes (stage, steps, booster seats…) according to the event.

Eki.Gallery : located at the crossroads of traffic flows between the open spaces and large offices, this timber frame in the shape of a house is a place of cultural exchange. A library platform and an arts display space with screen walls allows for easy and flexible attachment of works depending on the exhibitions presented by Ekimetrics.

Eki.Truck : A place of conviviality and relaxation. The kitchen is placed on a platform and behind it hides the facade of a food truck in real scale. Informal meetings are improvised during the day over a cup of coffee on the high table. shape of boxes, placed in the recess of the cabin, can be mounted into different shapes (stage, steps, booster seats…) according to the event.

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