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We wanted to celebrate the primary material used on this façade-aluminium-and depict, using simulation, how this material comes to be. In consultation with a Chemical Engineer (MESH Process Simulations), we determined the sequence of the production of aluminium and discovered the processes that were most visually striking. Focusing in on the colours and textures of each stage of production, the processes were simulated using everyday domestic materials such as coffee, milk, paint and even aluminium foil itself.

Roughly eight states found in the process of converting bauxite to aluminium are depicted in rows on the facade starting from the bottom and are as follows;

bauxite rock crushed bauxite liquor crystals alumina powder molten aluminium (hot) molten aluminium (cooled) solid aluminium

The rows intentionally read like stills from a film, signifying movement and process. Although this may not be exactly how the process is explained scientifically, these are the states we chose to depict for their visual qualities. We were fascinated by the transition from the reddish-brown colour of the bauxite to the white colour of the alumina to the silver of the solid aluminium.

We felt that this would be an intriguing way to engage the public with Euramax’s use of aluminium, and by using a unique high-definition photograph for each panel, show the huge potential the material has.

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