Festival Walk CTF Experience Shop

Festival Walk CTF Experience Shop

Hong Kong
Project Year

Jonathan Leijonhufvud

Festival Walk CTF Experience Shop

One Plus Partnership Limited as Interior Architects

Jewellery has been something we treasure for centuries. Whilst our ancestors kept their jewelleries in delicate boxes, our grandparents kept them in tiny silk pockets, and we now keep them in safe deposit boxes in banks. The preciousness of jewelleries is accentuated through the design concept of safe deposit boxes, which is translated into an elegant and innovative shopping space.


The shop resembles safety vaults in banks, the walls are dissected into numerous rectangular shapes to represent safe deposit boxes. Breaking the stereotypical greyish and dull metallic safe deposit boxes, the rectangular shapes are in a soft shade of pink and grey, generating a natural and comfortable atmosphere as opposed to the cold metallic tone. Jewelleries have an inseparable relation to romance, as jewelleries are often gifts to a lover or newlyweds. Just as how safe deposit boxes are marked with numbers in banks, numbers are embroidered onto the pink and grey fabric rectangular shapes. These numbers are embroidered with threads in two different colors, they are either dates throughout the year, or number combinations with meanings related to romance in Cantonese, Mandarin or English. The numbers not only represent the customers’ affection for their beloved ones, they can also spot their own special dates on the wall, such as anniversaries and birthdays.


The ornaments in the shop revolve around the tone of pink. For instance, the wall and columns are covered by pink fabric, forming vertical and horizontal pattern; sofas are also in dark pink to harmonize with the dominant color tone of the shop. All display cabinets are tailor made for this shop. The luxurious marble bases of cabinets are decorated with rose gold metal, which is also applied as frames of glass cabinets to echo the pink color tone. The designers have chosen different types of marble stones as simple and stylish jewellery stands at the shop window, complementing the jewellery display.


Pink is a color full of warmth and joy. Apart from making use of this color, the designers have also created a comforting mood through various details. Table lamps are used in the store, which is a rare choice for retail design, but gives a sense of home for customers. Specially designed carpets are decorated with square patterns in different sizes and colors, matching with the rectangular shapes on the wall and angular display cabinets.


The highly distinctive theme of safety vault is portrayed as a heartwarming shopping space, where customers are bathed in a romantic but elegant atmosphere.

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