Gable House

Gable House

B.Design24 Studio
Pal Hazira road, Surat, India | View Map
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Gable House

B.Design24 Studio as Architects

Designed as a relaxation space and spatially planned as an outhouse that is architecturally unique and different from any other structure of the city, the inspiration of this home is from the tropical houses of Singapore. Designed with a tropical concept therefore, the house is the result of the client's brief with a similar approach adopted for the interiors too.

A clean and simplistic plan determines the spatial planning of this oasis within a huge landscaped area with lush greenery A House in the Garden, the lower floor accommodates living areas and rooms for servants while the first floor accommodates a swimming pool, a baby pool and a formal living / dining space and kitchen.

Each of the living areas opens up to the pool and the greens outside by means of decks and verandahs, creating a spatial hierarchy of open, semi-open and covered spaces. The swimming pool, being on the first floor keeps the overall sense of privacy- deemed crucial in the Indian culture intact. Upon reaching the second floor, all bedrooms are located here, each with its own private balcony that optimises the surrounding views while creating private, semi-open spaces. All open and covered spaces are reminiscent of the tropical openness and open themselves up to optimise the naturesque surroundings.

 A multi-triangular roof anchors the project, giving it a unique identity and become symbolic of its tropical intent. While the implementation of the roof was a challenge, through specific marking of the centre points of each roof, this unique structure has been achieved to perfection. Other challenges of execution such as a high water level in the footing and the location of the swimming pool, etc, were all overcome through stringent construction processes. The weight of the entire first floor was carefully calculated and implemented thereafter. Weight, leakage and privacy were the three issues to be taken care of during swimming pool design and implementation. 

The interiors adopt the same tropical approach, improvised in an Indian context. Indian Black Marble with different finishes, i.e., Riverwash, Sandblast, and Leather wash is used for the external facade to diversify its aesthetics. Mild Steel, a commonly used construction material is used in the cladding of the columns, which is not a common adaption of the material. The fins surrounding the entire structure are made of rusted iron, in order to endow it with a rustic look and augment the earthy aesthetics..

Material Used :

1. Roofing: Monier from the Leela Laxmi
2. Windows: perfects glaze from luxury living
3. Flooring: Indian quartz brown from the leela laxmi
4. Lighting: Imported from china by zoomer house, Surat
5. Colour: Asian paints from ramanand nissad
6. Sanitaryware: Kohler

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ColourAsian Paints
Facade, WindowsPerfect Glaze
Product Spec Sheet
by Kohler
Facade, Windows
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