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bp Laboratorio di Architettura as Architects

Choise of material elements, wooden essences by contemporary chromatic effect, conceptual geometry. All this, and muche more, is corollary of the realization of the Ghelfi shop, in Brescia, whose owner Duilio also owns Pier Mode, historic casual and formal clothing store in Maclodio, Brescia. The architect was responsible for this work Paolo Bussi, of the bp Laboratorio di Architettura, whose benn succesfully implemeted by the owner. Everything thought as an exhibition of sought-after creation action, which dominates space and at the same time shakes him. On th one hand, everything the environment is governed by one geometric personality, which comes with clear and decisive colors, by linearity and proportions genereted from modular exhibitors, one part with drawers and another with full open shelves dedicated and integrated lighting to the produced on sale, exposed as sculptures. The project follows an industrial style, taking up again the dictates of everything urban redevelopment of area di via Milano, in Brescia. To overcome, therefore, every temptation of formal monotony prodiced br prototype solutions, effective for this type of commercial space but deaf creative effects of suspension, taste and uniqueness of the project by the architect Bussi emerges from his capacity to listen, welcome and artistic response to stimuli coming from identity of customer. The design choise adopted thus flow into on harmonious, elegant, welcoming, optimized space e distributed according to commercial needs, but at the same time trasfigured into interpretationm history. Design research, therefore, exquisitely contemporary. A project beautiful and charming where materials and colors have been chosen according to a logic aimed at defining a continuity af language this does not effect the personality of each environment. A unicum coherent aimed at conferring and arousing relational amotions between the visitor and the place itself. In the commercial The winning ideas were then to enhance the great paintings hanging, quote this adapted to a different context, to the setting of the works of Emilio Vedova, placed in the Warehouse of Salt of Venice. The choice of cementitious resin flooring does not obstructs but enhances the visual set of the store. " We have decided to recover andhance some pre-existing details, such as eposed bricks and steel beams, integrating them with the systems heating and cooling", explain the architect. The focal point of the project is the central area of two cash desk, from which it develops the division between exhibitors for men ad women. Area dressing rooms and changing rooms is obtained on the back of the jeans rack and jackets. All exhibitors and furnishing accessories were made to measure, starting from the drawing for later be assembled by artisans with whom we collaborate, using iron, glass, lacquered wood, fenix, laminate, stainless steel, everything tailored. Finally, the lighting project was developed in collaboration with Davide Groppi, thinking about lighting pinpoint with led spot on suspended tracks and embellished by one of the first model sold in Europe of the Moon 200 lamp, made in Japanese papar. In this project is no longer necessary the showcase but the space, the route and the exposure they take the value of experience inside the commercial premises.

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