Granja Viana House

Granja Viana House

Gui Paoliello Arquiteto
Granja Viana, Cotia - SP, Brazil | View Map
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Granja Viana House

Gui Paoliello Arquiteto as Architects

Locatedat a densely wooded lot in the Granja Viana neighborhood, on the outskirts of São Paulo, the project consists of renovating and adapting an existing building, at the bottom of the lot, and inserting a new volume at the front, taking advantage of the existing clearing and hosting the social functions of the house.

The backyard construction, a traditional, single-storey building, supported by masonry walls with a gabled roof with wooden structure, had its internal masonry partitions rearranged in order to house the functional parts of the residence - bedrooms, guest apartments, office and laundry. And the new construction, also in wood, configures a covered access and a garage space on the pilotis, and on the upper floor, aligned with the existing building,all living areas - kitchen, dining and living room; externally there is a solarium and a small pool.

The new construction consists of an arched structure of glued laminated timber, supported on wooden pillars and locked by horizontal wooden struts. This structure is based on a concrete slab elevated from the ground, that crates a level floor, as an extension of the floor of the existing building. This new volume, fits to the terrain through natural slopes and small gabion walls. Its roof, above the laminated wood core and following the curvature of the arches, consists of wooden plank lining (like flooring) and is covered by an insulating layer and evalon waterproofing membrane.

Inside the new social space, the ambience,which is totally open and integrated, can be transformed by the sliding wooden panelsof the kitchen, that can be closed, splitting the space into two independent areas.

The two volumes, old and new, are connected by a passage covered by wood and glass panels, made by the reuse and adaptation ofold door frames of the of the existing building.


Material Used :
1. Polytec - soif - Coifa PREMIUM 02 - Inox 304 Cravada (95x60x70)
2. Polytec - stainless steel part - Braseiro PREMIUM - KE-02 Aço Inox 304
3. Polytec - stainless steel part - New Prime 02 (inox 304)
4. Reka - circular pendant - Pendente circular ø450 x H130mm, DIF Acrilico leitoso, fio preto
5. Reka - sconce - Arandela retangular branca policarbonato, LP vela indicand max 1x40w
6. Reka - overlap round - Sobrepor redondo ø115mm 
7. Reka - ceiling light - Plafon redondo plástico injetado leitoso
8. Portobello - porcelain - Porcelanato Brasilia concreto cinza 60x60 / 24880E
9. Basthi - custom-made forniture - Móveis sob medida
10. ArtEstação - joinery - Marcenaria
11. Ensaios e Modelos - joinery - Marcenaria
12. Polytec - barbecue / fireplace - Churrasqueira / Lareira
13. Yziplas - frames - Caixilhos em PVC

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Product Spec Sheet

Stainless steel partPolytec
PorcelainPortobello S.A.
LightingReka Iluminação
Frames - Caixilhos em PVCYziplas
Product Spec Sheet
Stainless steel part
Coifa Premium Inox 304 by Polytec
Brasilia Concreto Cinza by Portobello S.A.
Frames - Caixilhos em PVC
by Yziplas
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