Gurgaon Gateway

Gurgaon Gateway

HB Design Pte Ltd
Gurgaon, India
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Gurgaon Gateway

HB Design Pte Ltd as Architects


The vision for this project was, from the start, guided by an overriding desire to deliver a project that exceeded expectations on every level. Often a design is arrived at quickly, intuitively and frequently, emotionally. This kind of design does not necessarily represent the best solution, but somebody’s idea of a good solution.

A large residential complex has many facets ranging from urban design right down to the finer details of space planning and material selections. It is our conviction that to best serve all of these aspects, the architect should approach design as a journey. One that leads, via a series of clearly defined investigations, towards a consolidated whole that represents the best of all worlds.

Via a rigorous, process-driven design exploration, the design slowly took form. Through the introduction, step-by-step, of key design objectives, possibilities were explored and tested. These were then evaluated and good ideas & designs brought forward. Key directives ranged from the overall morphology of the development, to the optimal orientation of the units related to sun, context and our own gardens, to the introduction of exciting apartment typologies.


All of our work tries to take inspiration from the “genius loci” – the spirit of place (where it is built). At the same time this is not a license to mimic traditional architecture. It is important to stay modern, rooted in the here and now. With this project we have taken several aspects of traditional Indian architecture and integrated them in our way – contemporary, relevant and stylish.

The landscaping was developed drawing inspiration from the stepped Ghats. Multiple level changes have been introduced, interspersing hard- and landscaping with pools and trees. Roof terraces have been given over to public amenities. On these we have introduced modern interpretations of the traditional Chatris of old – places in which to enjoy the great views and the increased breezes amidst lush landscaping. Finally, we have also introduced, in response to orientation and light modulation, contemporary Jalis – perforated screens suspended in front of the key glazed areas (lobbies and double-height living areas).

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