An ancient living space nestled between two buildings of rural origin of the last century from which a contemporary apartment with a Phlegraean taste has been created with North African and Middle Eastern inspirations that intertwine very well with the purity of the white volumes.
 the intervention was aimed at increasing the glass surfaces and an innovative solution of promiscuity between the entrance and the dining area and also between the kitchen and living room. Spaces that intersect each other without losing the hierarchical value between the rooms, thanks to the variety of ceiling heights and floor levels.
The focus of the renovation is the staircase, transparent and very light thanks to the cantilevered steps in white wood and the glass balustrade. The double bedroom on the mezzanine floor, with a bespoke furniture with an oriental character, opens towards the double height and makes the most of the brightness and breadth of the living room spaces. The island kitchen plays a starring role. Finally the two bathrooms, identical in shape but with a very different character given by the choice of coverings and colors.
Among the selected materials, tuff stands out for the opus reticolatum coating details of the walls of the dining area; a clear mention of the countless archaeological beauties of the Phlegraean territory.
The result is a very welcoming apartment where the simplicity of the decor is combined with the volumetric complexity of the architecture which reinterprets the Phlegraean rural tradition and extremes it to translate it into a contemporary language. The famous concept created by the master of modern architecture Adolf Loos "Raumplan" finds a functional and romantic application in a small house rich in history, elegance and originality.

Samdal Oreum
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Samdal Oreum

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Seongsan-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea - Build completed in 2019
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