A31 Architecture
Ios, Greece
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Yiannis Hatjiaslanis


A31 Architecture as Architects

Sometime during the mid ‘80s, Blue Bay Hotel Ios** was built in a 3900m2 plot at the Port of Ios island -overlooking Sikinos- without being renovated or reconstructed for more than two decades.

That is until 2010, when the complete renovation of its premises was seen as a necessity, in order to improve the facilities and upgrade the services offered. A31 was then assigned with the responsibility to transform that 2* hotel to a contemporary 4* boutique hotel, which was named Relux Ios Island. In order to succeed in that task, A31 redesigned the existing buildings’ outline as well as the bedrooms, the common areasand the surrounding landscape. The landscape design takes advantage of site specific features such as microclimatic and topographical conditions as well as the existing vegetation to blend the hotel exterior seamlessly into the surrounding natural setting.. The uneven shape of the plot which seems to be “embracing” the complex,forms private gardens as well as adding outdoor spaces for the hotel’s function. The gentle slope that can be easily detected in the surrounding space was utilized as the ideal environment for the addition of build-in sitting rooms or elevated planted areas. The plant selection includes Mediterranean species, with rich aromas and flowering, selected on the basis of their low maintenance requirements and their ability to fit in the architectural unity.

The new hotel complex consists of the following buildings: BUILDING A1: It includes the hotel reception, the Directorate office, restrooms for men/women/disabled,the Café - Bar, the restaurant/breakfast-room as well as therestaurant’s kitchen. VILLA: Ground floor detached suite with a private garden and anoutdoor SPA. BUILDING BANGALOWS. Ground floor building, which consists of two triple rooms with private garden. BUILDING A2. Two-storey building with basement rooms with total capacity of 14 double and triple rooms. BUILDING A3. Ground floor auxiliary building, which includes the changing rooms and staff’s restrooms.

Designed in a subtractive manner, this project is defined by the sleekness of its surfaces. A31 also established flow and movement to the project by securing the organic integration of the water element in the surrounding space. Theroomsweretreatedasindividual spacesofislandarchitecture, withunique morphological properties, and not as typical hotel rooms.

Therefore, all of them were redesigned and new rooms were created with brand new layout and access, in order to meet the 4-star classification requirements. Furthermore, additional establishments of common areaswere constructed, including an open bar, restaurant and wine bar, swimming pool, outdoor revitalization spa and acontemporary orthodox chapel.

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