House by the Sea

House by the Sea

Mira Ginossar
Zichron Ya’akov, North of israel | View Map
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Amit Gosher

House By The Sea

Keren Niv-Toledano as Interior Designers

Style, Materials and Colors

The house has been designed in a rural-industrial style that emphasizes the spectacular, endless view outside and creates a material continuum to the house’s interior. It is also enveloped by green woodlands, overlooking the sea from its high vista location, and this colorful scene, which changes in color as the day progresses, enhances the effect of the house’s interior.


The color scaling in the house is based on smoky deep toning and extensive use has been made of natural materials and their raw shapes in wood, steel, and brass, which is expressed in the exposed wooden ceilings, flooring and wall coverings; furniture and lighting fixtures.


Ground floor:

The entrance to the house has a wide oak door which leads into a lobby.  Upon entering the house, you encounter a thick & bulky wood stairwayframed in steel with a black steel banister.  The entire stairwayrises along a wall painted dark gray. This wall creates a link between the floors and beautifully defines the house’s power axis.


To the right of the entrance there is a living area which includes a dining area, next to which is a living room.  The kitchen is beyond this, and all three areas look out in unison onto the covered balcony with its exhilarating view. 


The entire space is covered with engineered wooden parquet flooring in a smoky tint, and for the dining area, which has a doubly high ceiling, we have selected a reclaimedtimber wood table with steel legs around which are upholstered leather seats and lit by two hanging decorative brass light fittings.


The rural style industrialized design concept has also been preserved in the remaining areas of the house in the washrooms, powder room, kitchen and bedrooms on the different levels.



The kitchen is U-shaped with a wide island and looks onto the living room. The right side has high cupboards and in the center there are two refrigerators. The backfacade, below the wide window that has been fitted with a soft Roman linen curtain gathered upwards, combines a Roma ribbed front sink, the front protruding from the surface and, to the right, are two open wooden shelves that provide balance to the frontal view.  On the left side there is a prominent, wide stove in black with an old-fashioned look, and above it is a matching stove exhaust fan,while between the two there is a utensil holder. On both sides of the stove are symmetrical wooden shelves for storage of spices - illustrating that the planning supports the day to day work in the kitchen and reduces the amount of walking while cooking.


The scaling of colors also enriches the kitchen: the cupboards have been painted with a light coffee stain and above them is a countertop in dark gray with white striping. A wooden surface has been selected for the island, above which hang three industrial style brass light fittings. 


The dominant wall covering is made up of Spanish hand-made tiles with a rough, changing texture that combines all the hues prevalent in the room.


Master Bedroom Suite:

Located on the upper level there is an exposed wooden ceiling and a breathtaking view. Here too, the industrial rural design concept has been maintained and use has been made of furniture items, lighting and textiles that create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

There is a leather-covered chaise-longuenext to which stands a tripod with a large lampshade, as well as light natural colored linen curtains, and a velvet cover and a light wool carpet stretches over the area.  In addition, there are two large works of art in smoky deep hues that were chosen from a gallery that represents Israeli artists.


Guest bathroom:

Located adjacent to the entrance lobby, we see the use of contracting materials with flooring of engraved cement tiling andwall coverings of natural Silva stone, alongside a freestanding stone wash basin and a brass faucet which rises from the floor.  There is a brass mirror and ornamental crystal lighting, and to blend and soften these strong materials is a soft curtain of a mix of wool and satin in two shades.


Designer Trends:

One of the popular designer trends is the connecting and combining of styles.Elements that characterize the rustic design style are reflected in the facades of the kitchen, the detail of the stone surfaces, the many cornices, the use of antique brass handles. There are abundant natural materials like wood, stone, iron and brass as well as linen and velvet. The furniture was also custom-made to perfectly fit the scene in the space.

In addition, the spaces also feature striking elements that characterize the industrial style, such as an exposed copper air conditioning duct, brass light fittings, leather ottomans, alongside an industrial fireplace and logs for heating placed in a wicker basket.  In the kitchen there is a particularly wide industrialized stove with a stainless-steel fume hood and matching exhaust, and the cooking utensils and food are openly visible as part of the design plan.


The ongoing dialogue between the two striking styles give the design an additional languagedue to the precise measures and the richness of the materials and serve to fill the space and the vistas of the house with a warmth and inviting atmosphere of a truly unique nature.

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