House in Egota

House in Egota

Hiroshima, Japan

House in Ekoda

SUPPOSE DESIGN OFFICE Co.,Ltd. as Architects

This is a renovation project of a house in Ekoda, which is a third floor- apartment in old steel construction. Before, the 1st and 2nd floor was for rental, and the third floor was for an owner of the building. Each floors have their own entrance and exit, and they all have different floor plans. After the renovation, it was planning to rent all floors for customers. Because the building was getting old, and it was not a high quality building, we proposed the project to keep the quality and create the space more attractive. First of all, all floors at the 1st floor was took out to avoid humidity because of the continuous footing. The ceilings at the second floor were also removed, except the one in a room at the center of the floor, with sound proof work for neighbors. For the 3rd floor, it was added external walls insulations with water proof work. The glasshouse at the rooftop was renovated as a big bathroom. The common points of the renovation for the all rooms was to remove something, not to add as normal renovation, without changing a big part of the plans. We considered carefully how to remove parts of the house, and also what should be kept. The renovated house shows different faces of its new characteristics in keeping its memories of the past for the last decades. We were seeking and challenged new ways of renovation that would be getting more demand in the society from now. The space coexisting with the one in old and new stay naturally, which is something like a vintage denim pants with a new shirt, and creating comfortable space with well mixture of the two styles.

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