House on Vineyards

House on Vineyards

Raúl García Studio
Requena, Spain | View Map
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Private Houses
Diego Opazo

House on Vineyards

Raúl García Studio as Architects

The project stems from the commitment between the will to preserve the atmosphere of the existing building and the desire to provide a new breath of fresh air ... Located in a rural estate, next to a winery and surrounded by vineyards as far as the eye can see, The housing building becomes an idyllic place to disconnect from day to day, relax and taste the views that surround it, as if it were a good wine.

With more than one hundred years old, preserving the spirit of the original construction is one of the self-demanded impositions, and combining this with a new image according to the times and needs of the user's current life is a challenge accepted with pleasure and solved with the dialogue between rustic and essentialist styles, with natural materials on the one hand (reclaimed wooden beams, solid brick pillars treated to be seen ...) and elements as current as hidden LED lighting. All this matured in the barrel results in a house that smells like wood and tastes like history ... History of the past, but also of the present and future that is yet to be written ...

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