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Newly built headquarter Cordeel

Binst Architects nv as Architects

On the site of the former Boelwerf there are currently 4 department buildings of the company Cordeel. These are part of the complete relocation of the company from the Eurolaan to the De Zaat industrial estate. 
The new headquarter was designed as a valuable, new addition to Cordeel's business premises and provides a view of the entire business site on the one hand and of the centre of Temse and the Scheldt on the other. 

The existing dry dock is spanned in width by a steel structure of two double-high trusses with intermediate sleepers. It will be installed on two concrete building volumes that are 73 m apart, and that also contain the entrances to the office, each with two elevators and two staircases.

The 2 office floors, 2,300 m² each, are fully glazed from floor to ceiling and are surrounded by terraces. The structural grid of 3.60 m allows for a flexible layout of the office space, resulting in a mix of landscape offices, meeting rooms and offices for project managers and management. The multipurpose rooms with a spacious adjoining terrace at the southern end of the building offer a fantastic panoramic view of the surroundings. 

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Impressive new headquarters soar over the river Scheldt

Firestone Building Products EMEA as Roofing

Following their rapid growth in the last few years, Belgian construction specialist Cordeel needed a new, more spacious head office. In early 2017, they started to build it in an area previously occupied by a shipyard on the river Scheldt, near the city of Temse in East Flanders.

Binst Architects designed an imposing 108 m long by 25 m wide volume, a technological and architectural statement. The steel structure rests on a beam of 1,200 tons supported by two massive concrete pillars, towering 20 meters above the former dry dock. The structure was pre-assembled on the ground and placed in the right position using huge cranes.



The building’s total weight had to be limited and therefore the choice of building materials played a key role. Glass was used extensively, offering the offices natural light and providing a very pleasant working environment with views of the river Scheldt on one side and of Temse on the other. With a weight of just 1.85 kg/m², Firestone’s RubberGard EPDM 1.5 mm thick single-ply roofing membrane was used to waterproof 2,800 m² of flat roof and 1,300 m² of terraces in the new head office. The roofing system consisted on a vapor control layer placed on top of the concrete roof deck, followed by two layers of PIR insulation. The RubberGard EPDM roofing membrane was fully adhered on top.

Throughout the whole project, sustainability and respect for the environment were key requirements from Cordeel. They opted for BTES (Borehole Thermal Energy Storage), a type of renewable energy source by which energy out of the ground can be used to cool and heat a building. Choosing a roofing membrane with a life expectancy of over 50 years was also part of this sustainable approach.

The entire building was modeled using the Building Information Modelling (BIM) approach. Architects, engineers and contractors used BIM software to design, plan and execute the project in a collaborative way. 

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