Illuminates an innovative space for children

Illuminates an innovative space for children

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OLEV illuminates an innovative space for children

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OLEV has installed its lighting systems in Italy’s first nursery school focusing on art and music, turning light into an element of wellness designed to stimulate children’s imagination, memory, and playfulness.


The first of its kind in Italy, the Art and Music Nursery School arose from FON Architetti’s renovation of Fondazione Luigi Bon in Colugna di Tavagnacco, near Udine. The nursery school offers an innovative syllabus for children ages 3 to 6 through music and other expressive arts (such as dance and theatre). It’s the most recent link in the ‘musical supply chain’ created by Fondazione Luigi Bon, designed to accompany students up to their first job in the professional art world.


This unique setting required the installation of multiple lighting solutions, created by OLEV, which is also a supporter of the project. From the common areas and hallways to the music rooms and offices, each space has been given its own character, based on its intended use.


The designers and project managers involved have created rooms that offer both proper lighting and a sensory experience, transforming light into an element of memory and inspiration for play. In-line with the nursery school’s mission statement, even the architecture was designed with the goal of encouraging children to express themselves and travel through their imagination. By providing all the lights used, this responsible project was made possible thanks to OLEV’s solutions, which meet multiple demands.


Sword pendant lamps, used as track lighting in the music rooms, are complemented by custom products designed to enhance the building’s interiors and improve functionality. They include, in particular, large circular pendant lights, chosen for the common areas, which may become large flying saucers in the eyes of young children. Finally, the innovative, original use of light filtered through coloured glass creates a magic atmosphere.

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