Juana Azurduy 1635

Juana Azurduy 1635

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Private Houses

Juana Azurduy 1635

BAAG as Architects

Juana Azurduy 1635 is a multi-family residential building composed of two four-storey blocks separated by a courtyard. It is located in a block in Nuñez - a residential neighbourhood of low building height. Its particularity is having half of its surface dedicated to a municipal school, populated by old banana trees and ash trees. The building looks for an urban response, understanding the party wall bordering the school as a facade, and not as a &"blind" wall. The building explores the possibilities of the solid brick with projected horizontal 90 cm high &"sashes" that serve as railings, parasols and screens.


These belts run through the four faces of the blocks, forming moments of blind walls and moments of sieving screens, calibrating and accentuating the visuals.


Each balcony, terrace and window has a singular spatiality, generating double heights, expansions with parasols, screens that give privacy, as well as framed visuals, singularities that favour the appropriation of those who inhabit it. The building has a typological variety, alternated between floors, some with one bedroom and others with two bedrooms.


The units are articulated with a central core that contains the bathrooms and kitchens. This core, clad in wood, has panels that move allowing to reconfigure and to qualify the use of spaces and exchanging the public / private sectors of the unit. Our intention is that each apartment has the quality to adapt to the needs of the user assuming the subjectivity of its inhabitants.

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