Kosushi Miami Restaurant

Kosushi Miami Restaurant

Studio Arthur Casas
Miami Beach, Florida, USA | View Map
Project Year
Filippo Bamberghi
Product Spec Sheet

Shortwave Chair, Fjord Chair, Fjord StoolMoroso
Restrooms countersPagliotto
Sushi bar counterTora Brasil

Product Spec Sheet
Shortwave Chair, Fjord Chair, Fjord Stool
by Moroso
Restrooms counters
by Punto
Sushi bar counter

Kosushi Miami Restaurant

Studio Arthur Casas as Architects

Studio Arthur Casas always intends to create a new world within each project, considering users as the center of the experience. Unleash new perceptions, feelings and connections through materiality, lighting, color, and texture is the essence of our design. In our proposal for Kosushi Restaurant, located in Miami, these elements had a key role in the project's development, creating an atmosphere capable of offering to customers the complete experience of a Japanese vernacular architecture combined with contemporary references.


The woodworking was used to cause moments of wonder and surprise. The structure's design was inspired by Japanese carpentry, in particular the art of joinery, which consists of creating wooden structures with complex joints without the use of glue or metal supports.


The organic shapes of the sushi bar and the table area bench contrast with the orthogonal lines of the low ceiling wood structure, in order to achieve visual balance and harmony. The sushi bar curve stands out in the restaurant layout and represents a focal point in the proposed plan. Parallel to it, the organic bench frames the rest of the room. One of the main concerns included the services circulation: comfortable aisles were delimited between all tables to facilitate the restaurant’s everyday operations.


The light oak tone marks the restaurant's entire woodwork and is combined with grayish tones and the concrete texture of the walls. All design metals have bronze shades, complementing the materiality chosen for the project with a balanced and elegant combination. The lighting was designed completely tied to the cube-shaped structure of the ceiling. The woodworking complexity made it possible to create light and shadow effects to achieve a comfortable atmosphere in the entire restaurant while also achieving beauty through the use of light.


Studio Arthur Casas architectural design offers users a not only palatable but also sensory experience, rooted in Japanese culture, gastronomy and architecture, bringing a Brazilian touch through furniture, fabric combinations and finishes.


Material Used :
- Shortwave Chair, Diesel, Moroso; Fjord Chair, Patricia Urquiola, Moroso; Fjord Stool, Patricia Urquiola, Moroso.


Tora Brasil (sushi bar counter), Pagliotto (restrooms counters), Punto (flooring), Global Nash (kitchen equipment), Diamond Brite (lamps), Compose Decor (sushi bar counter and restrooms flooring and walls)

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