Kûara Hotel
Jomar Bragança

Kûara Hotel

David Guerra Architecture and Interiors as Architects

The project’s peculiarity begins in the entrance, on which the first sight is the panel, designed by the architect (as all details), composed by a frame of cumaru wood and a nice detail in white plywood. The piece is always thinking in the work as a whole. Light and shadow, fullness and emptiness, bright and dark. The contrast is instrument for the counter position of colors between the caramel and the wood, the wine of the walls and the gray of the floor.


In the breakfast space, there’s a panel with vertical wooden pieces that involves the interior, reinforced by the use of eucalyptus in the structure, as well as the windows and ceiling. This sequence was brought aiming for a dynamic contrast, on which the light arrange itself on infinite ways throughout the space. On the external, another breakfast area, allowing the guests to enjoy their meal inside the intimacy of a cozy interior or in the seaside atmosphere.


A walkway connects the reception to the leisure area of the hotel. The guardrail points the way, on an impressive function for a normally auxiliary element. Here, the guardrail is protagonist, roaming by the hotel on a marvelous game of architectural volume, tying the buildings, which, although separated between them, are closely connected.


Getting to the leisure area, our first view is the luxurious infinity pool, playing with our own perspective. Right in front of the ocean, there’s an inevitable connection between both. The L shape involves the restaurant establishing a lounge along it, with chaises longue for stay and sun bathing. The sauna right next to the pool completes the relaxing experience.


The restaurant by the sea becomes one of the most imponent points of the hotel. With capacity for 100 people, not to mention an independent wine cellar, richly ornated, working not only as a functional element, but decoration in a gorgeous wooden panel. The parrilla is also an interesting element, allowing for a more refined menu, including the option for noble meat made in different techniques.


Nevertheless, unarguably, the most outstanding element in the restaurant is the lightning, composed of 130 lamps, and produced manually by a team of experienced craftsman from the region, who worked together to deliver an expressive artwork. The result is an essentially organic and harmonious composition, forming a symbolism of the woods that bright the environment from above, creating light effects and poetry with the swing provoked by the seaside winds of Bahia, which go through, humble, discrete, invisible, the upper venetian, generating a mysterious and stimulating complexity to it’s users.


Material Used:

1. Construction: AP Engineering

2. Woodwork: Américo Demolições

3. Stones: Florim

4. China: Duravit

5. Leatherwork: Elisa Atheniense

6. Furniture: Prodomo and Franccino

7. Lightning: Everlight

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