La Dimora di Metello

La Dimora di Metello

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Project Year
Pierangelo Laterza
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Ceramic washbasinGSG Ceramic Design
OZ | Freestanding washbasin, OZ 42 | Countertop washbasin
Garden chair with armrests, Table baseVaraschin
SUMMER SET / Low table base, SUMMER SET | Chair with armrests
Sled base solid wood chair PEDRALI SPA
Feel 450
Solid wood stoolElite To Be
Swivel trestle-based velvet easy chairQuinti

Product Spec Sheet
Ceramic washbasin
OZ | Freestanding washbasin, OZ 42 | Countertop washbasin by GSG Ceramic Design
Garden chair with armrests, Table base
SUMMER SET / Low table base, SUMMER SET | Chair with armrests by Varaschin
Sled base solid wood chair
Feel 450 by PEDRALI SPA
Solid wood stool
Hug by Elite To Be
Swivel trestle-based velvet easy chair
Ginevra by Quinti

La Dimora di Metello

mancastudio as Architects

La Dimora di Metello, is located in the heart of the Sasso Barisano of Matera near the historic Via Fiorentini and takes its name from the Metellana Tower that was part of the wall of the ancient Sassi of the city of Matera (Civita). The legend attributes the construction of the Tower to the Roman Consul Quinto Cecilio Metello Numicidio, who would die in Matera leaving his name to the city: Metheola. For history the Tower was built in the 11th century, at his own expense by a valiant Roman captain who victorious over the Saracen troops, took up residence in the city of Matera.


The skilled and experienced workers engaged in the recovery of the cave-house have managed to make comfortable and elegant the common rooms and the four suites of the dwelling. The design intent is aimed at the definition of a place capable of dialogue with context and tradition but at the same time able to amaze by showing a new, rigorous and elegant beauty leaving the right space to rediscover the elements of tradition. A box that reminds all the layers of a time that can not be missed, filled with minimal décor, which acquires a language as neutral and linear as possible. The balance between lightness and modernity are the result of a careful approach to attention to detail that leads to a new language, a new aesthetic that, on tiptoe, binds in an indissoluble way to tradition.


All the spaces, both indoors and outdoors, have been restored and designed to accommodate, with harmony and comfort, the new functions of the Hotel. The conviviality spaces and rooms are rigorously designed; The chromatic predominance of the tuff is flanked by the shades of wood made of light oak and the neutral shades of the fabrics and stands out thanks to the presence of some furnishings made of Corten. The wooden furnishings are made ad hoc by sophisticated and elegant design pieces. A place, a space of hospitality, a Dwelling in which to be welcomed in a perfect synthesis between contemporary needs and echoes of a distant world whose historical pre-existence allows rediscovery of the contemporary conception of living.


Material Used :
1. Quinti – Swivel trestle-based velvet easy chair – Ginevra
2. Flos – Powder coated steel pendant lamp – Parentesi
3. Flos – Led direct light sandblasted glass table lamp – Lampadina
4. Vitra – Polypropylene chair with armrests – Daw | Polypropylene chair
5. GSG Ceramic Design – Countertop ceramic washbasin – OZ 42 | Countertop washbasin
6. Varaschin – Garden chair with armrests – Summer set | Chair with armrests
7. Elite to be – Solid wood stool – Hug
8. GSG Ceramic Design – Freestanding ceramic washbasin – OZ | Freestanding washbasin
9. Varaschin – Table base – Summer set | Table base
10. Pedrali – Sled base solid wood chair – Feel 450

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