LD Residence

Anastasia Arquitetos as Anastasia Arquitetos

The LD residence is situated in Nova Lima, a mountanious town neighbour to Belo Horizonte, Brasil.

The building site has an average 34 degrees transversal inclination and 12 degrees in the longitudinal direction, with 3400 square meters.

By situating the main part of the residence in the longitutinal direction, it was possible to create a more harmonious implantation on the site, thus avoidind giant walls and disproportionate structures, which is quite common in the neighbourhood.

The main floor is where the social and the family areas are, whereas the leisure area, the garage, the laundry and housekeepers’ accommodation are on the first floor below the main floor.

The swimming pool, a spa and a movie theater for 20 people found in the leisure area are connected to the external swimming pool on the main floor by a staircase and a lift. This staircase is part of the facade, once its design follows the project. There is also an internal staircase and lift which allows access to all the rooms.

The implantation with a north/South orientation, made the construction of glass walls in the social area possible, providing a stunning view of the mountains. The entrance in the north facade was created in order to give the residence privacy from the street.

 Since the glass walls are southbound and on high grounds, privacy is also garanteed.

The Project answered our initial intention to create a house which would incorporate design and functionality to the mountainside topography.

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