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The ground, on which we should intervene, forested with maritime pines of great size, has a slope of about 3 m in its front. In connection with the street, one end is elevated while the opposite has a depression; therefore some large acacias hide the view from the street.

The assignment The order of the client was a house of exposed concrete to be used much of the year, for a blended family. The social areas should be of a large size and the main bedroom could function as a sector of great independence and be equipped as not to depend of the rest of the house. It was expressly required for the house to have multiple places for save, because the idea is to live there for the three summer months continuously.

The proposal The particular highlight of the lot, its relationship to the street and the requirement of a large program solved in sectors with some independence, are the issues that make this house a singular one, with a constructive proposal aesthetic, similar to the others built by the studio in Mar Azul. The house was designed solved into four sectors connected to middle levels with a single ladder. This decision allowed us to reduce the circulation areas to a minimum and to accommodate the various uses, following the natural slope of the lot and even burying part of them, reducing in this way part of the built. The ladder of course becomes the organizer, not only functional but spatial, as a nexus between spaces that need to be integrated. With this volumetric arrangement and taking care to maintain as much vegetation, we were able to provide the house of the variety and flexibility of required spaces, without losing their independence of use between them and proposing to them all, a clear integration with the landscape through openings that frame it.

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Product Spec Sheet
Aluminium Frames
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