Loft office, Amsterdam

Loft office, Amsterdam

Jeroen de Nijs BNI
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Loft office, Amsterdam

Jeroen de Nijs BNI as Architects

De klimaatbeheerser BV

‘A workplace so pleasant that you might like to live there’ “That premise used interior architect Jeroen de Nijs to design a showroom-cum-office for De Klimaatbeheerser. This company specializes in sustainable climate control in offices and homes. The interior of a showroom is normally characterized by a display of products.

Interior architect Jeroen de Nijs wanted to deviate from this standard as we know it. De Nijs: “ Most customers do not like to see a climate system. The installations should be properly concealed. Beside that mostly people are not that interested in the actual technique, so why shouldn’t we use the room better?”

The routing is well thought out. De Nijs: ”customer can experience in every zone what affect the technique has on their condition. For instance in the lounge area, the climate mats that are concealed in the wall embrace you as a warm coat. In summer the same wall will provide cooling. In the De Klimaatbeheerser building you cannot see the product in all its facets, as you would expect, but you see nicely concealed installations.’’ ‘’ For the techies among us there obviously is a technical room where you can see the installations in their full facets.” De Nijs tells.

The building has been awarded a nZEB-award, (nearly-zero-energy-building), an EU- standard that by 2019 all new buildings must comply. It is an energy-zero-building, a building of which the energy consumption on a yearly basis is almost equal to the amount of energy that the building generates from local sources. The building is cooled or heated with an 8 kW heat pump, which also provides hot water. The heat pump operates on electricity which is compensated by the solar panels on the roof.

With the combination of comfort and durability the interior designer of the building wants to give the visitors a good feeling. De Nijs: “ The building is actually helping us to a more sustainable world, and that has a positive impact on the customers.”

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