LOVE House

QBO3 Arquitectos as Architects and Interior Architects

The project is located in a small residential complex, it consisted of solving a single-family home, in a property that has as its boundaries the general boundaries of the condominium and a neighbor on the east side.  The plot consists of 18 meters front

by 41 meters deep, access is a challenge, since the entire front is within the circumference of a small roundabout of 11 meters in diameter, so it was essential to handle the connection both pedestrian and vehicular. The context of the lot is quite closed and part of the perimeter is surrounded by a series of Pine trees, which were planted by the developer of the set.

The first objective of the project was to articulate the architectural program to the site, trying to achieve dynamism in its route and a fluidity between the spaces that allowed appreciating the auction elements caused by the design, as well as the sensitive experience with the scale and connection variables between enclosures that produce sensory stimulation. The program is divided into a set of volumes separated from each other, to maximize the usable areas; Different levels are proposed between the spaces to generate a longitudinal crack that allows us to let natural light pass, and at the same time generate visual connection with the environment in the social area.

The access is marked by a double height in the lobby that allows controlling and distributing with certain privacy the circulation to the different enclosures. On the ground floor the program is articulated in four bodies, the main one where the social area that takes advantage of the connection with the garden and the BBQ area is located, maximizing the visuals towards specific points within the property. On the same level but outdated is the kitchen, which without divisions is in a space with some privacy in conjunction with the service area.

The garage is located halfway below the street, this allows generating a set of heights in the apartments of the residence, achieving different points of visual connection between spaces; the roof of this was conceptualized as a garden with access from the rooms.

Part of the proposal was to generate elements outside that transmitted pleasant sensations to the interior, so a water mirror is proposed that interacts with the vertical circulation and generates a visual connection with the trees that are located in the west border.

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