Luca Beghini - Restaurant

Luca Beghini - Restaurant

Bricolo Falsarella associati
Sommacampagna, Italy
Project Year
Gianni Basso, Vega Mg, Milano

Pizzeria Luca Beghini

Bricolo Falsarella associati as Architects

The project involved the renovation of an existing restaurant in Sommacampagna, a town located on the moraine hills between Lake Garda and Verona. The restaurant, opened in 2013, is characterized by a few simple elements: the use of poor materials such as wood and iron, the division into different spatial units with architectural volumes with a strong identity, the use of black color, the careful study of light. The main theme of the project is the infographic based on the design of a special lettering (design Filippo Bricolo) that signals the themed rooms (La Cantina, La Loggia, La Stube), bathrooms (Adam and Eve), essential points (La Cassa), and corporate communication from business cards to the menu.

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