Malinard youth centre

Malinard youth centre

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Olmo Peeters

Malinard youth centre in the petite rue Malibran

Carton 123 Architecten as Architects

Making the city.

The new youth centre is situated on a relatively small site, partly in an existing building. Because the available spaces of the existing groundfloor appartment, that was also included in the new youth centre, were relatively small, the largest space of the youth centre was built next to the existing building, and gives access to the adjacent small park.


The interaction with the park is crucial, as it was underused before. With big terrace windows and an outdoor storage area with beach chairs, parasols and toys, the youth centre offers new uses and a renewed dynamism to the public domain.


At the corner of the street, a large door with a large window on either side forms a striking entrance to the youth centre. This is the most public side of the youth centre, the showcase that enlivens the streetscape. The youth centre is part of the neighbourhood.



The first room is an oversized entrance space, which can be used flexibly (bicycle workshop/exposition space...). The second room is a living room that seems to be pushed outside of the building into the patio. The third and largest room of the youth centre opens onto the park and at the same time folds around a large chimney, that contains a barbecue. Between the existing building and the new part there is a kitchen unit, together with the barbecue it can form a fully-fledged outdoor kitchen.


The kitchen and the barbecue gained importance during the participation process with the youth. They form the symbolic heart of the youth centre, a place where young people can come home.


Material Used :
1. SVK - facade - prefabricated red concrete panels
2. VMzinc - facade cladding (upper part) - pigmento red zinc

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Product Spec Sheet

Facade - prefabricated red concrete panelsSVK
Facade cladding (upper part) - pigmento red zincVMZINC
Product Spec Sheet
Facade - prefabricated red concrete panels
by SVK
Facade cladding (upper part) - pigmento red zinc
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