“Mehr als Wohnen”, Houses D, E, H

“Mehr als Wohnen”, Houses D, E, H

Muller Sigrist Architekten
Leutschenbach, Zürich, Switzerland | View Map
Project Year
Roger Frei, Zürich

“Mehr als Wohnen”, Houses D, E, H

Muller Sigrist Architekten as Architects

Cooperative Housing Estate “Mehr als Wohnen”, Zürich-Leutschenbach

“MehralsWohnen” (More than Living) is a special building project: 1 site, 4 architectural offices, 13 houses. With our 3 houses we pursue various different architectural aims.

Revolutionising Living”

The young housing association “MehralsWohnen” wanted nothing less than to “revolutionise living”. For this it developed in a dialogue procedure with four architectural offices a “trendsetting residential project”. The result is a new, vibrant, socially mixed neighbourhood.

Live and Allow Learning

House D is distinguished by the one-and-a-half storey living quarters, which stand out on the facade. House E right on the neighbourhood square offers a feeling of living in the country: Plants climb up the facade. Beside flats, House H includes a kindergarten with four school rooms.

Light and Air for All

In each case two stair-cores connect our buildings, which are up to seven storeys high. From the one-room to the cluster flat there is a generous mix for different residential preferences. There is private or communal outdoor space for all occupants.

Project Credits
Facade (Haus H,D)
Facade (Haus E)
Lighting planning/fittings
Building contractor
Product Spec Sheet

Facade (Haus E)Alpin Massivholz AG
DoorsZargag Zargen + Türen AG
Product Spec Sheet
by 4B
Facade (Haus E)
by Kone
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