ML Apartment

ML Apartment

Apartments and Private Houses
Hanoi, Vietnam - Build completed in 2015
Thien Thach

ML Apartment

Le Studio Architects as Architects

From the initial researching of this original apartment, both the owner and architect decide not to deeply intervene in structure, because of the limited compact area and the demand of functionality. Instead of that, there would be only several simple renovations in master bathroom and kitchen with regards to more comfortable issues, ventilation, or personal requests.

It is not only resolution for functionality, but also a requirement for a spirit in design, demanded by the middleaged couple, who have been quite careful, prefering antiques. Thus, we came up with an idea of re_using some similar sorts of vintage valuabe stuffs, or materials in previous house, recalling a sense of “familiar” and a living period before. Furthermore, the cover of ceiling from living to dining area was taken off for showing up a raw semi_ polished concrete, playing a role of contradiction to surrounding space. However, the materials and details shoud be well_controled and mixed up together thoroughly , in order to satisfy balance and harmonization, especially in this small apartment.

The project looks not really big, but the collaboration and respectful spirit between client and architect are always the keys for a successful design.

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